Avocado Toast (Plant-Based)

February 06, 2019

Avocado Toast

  • Vegan | Sugar-Free

Prep Time : 10 mins

Cook Time : 5 mins

Total Time : 15 mins

Yield : 2 servings


2 Sunflower Seed Bread ( any bread of choice )

1 Avocado

2-3 Cherry Tomatoes

Vegan Mayo ( we use here )

Sprouts ( optional )



Red Chili Powder

Lime Juice


  • Pan Toast or use toaster to toast your bread.

  • Chop Avocado and place on bread, add mayo, chopped tomato, sprouts, salt, pepper and chili powder.

  • Squeeze fresh lime or lemon juice and serve!

VARIATION : Add hummus ( we recommend jalapeno cilantro hummus ) to your toast. Add fresh greens too.

STORAGE : Better served immediately or store in air-tight container in refrigerator for a day. 

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