Beetroot Pattie Burger

December 6, 2018

Ever wondered how a beetroot would taste in a burger..? I guess you didn't. I am not a big fan of beetroot, I normally have it in smoothies every now and then, but I guess I am gonna use it a lot in the form of patties. 

Beetroot tastes much better when its lightly cooked or roasted. And the color...can we not admire it?

Lets see how to make it taste yummy and look beautiful!

Do you know beets are considered to improve your skin texture and complexion in many parts of the world.

Beetroot Pattie Burger

  • Vegan | Refined-Sugar Free | Nut-Free

Prep Time : 20 mins

Cook Time : 20 mins

Total Time : 40 mins

Yield : 5 - 6 medium size patties


1 medium Potato 

1 medium Beetroot

1/2 Onion

1/2 cup Cilantro

1 Garlic Clove

1/2 tsp Salt

1/2 tsp Chilli Powder / Paprika

Salad Lettuce or any greens

Vegan Mayo

Guacamole ( optional )

Onion & Tomato slices

Burger Buns


  • First peel and boil the potato. Now in a food processor or mixer, add boiled potato, chopped beetroot, cilantro, chopped onion, garlic, salt and chilli powder. 

  • Coarse blend the mixture. The mixture need to be moldable to patty, so just coarse blend.

  • Now take 1/4 cup of blended mix and make into medium sized patty with hand.

  • Bake the patties in oven at 375 F for 20-25 mins or pan roast with some oil.

  • Once patties are ready, its time to arrange the burger. Apply vegan mayo on one side of the bun, add lettuce, patty, onion slice, tomato slice, lettuce, guacamole and top bun!

  • Enjoy!!

VARIATION : Add cooked beans or chick peas for extra protein. Add hummus along with guacamole and mayo.

STORAGE : Cooked patties can be wrapped in parchment paper and store in refrigerator for a week or in freezer for 1-2 months.

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