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Smoothie Bowl

We already know how trendy this smoothie bowls are! Have you ever wondered how this people make make such beautiful and delish smoothie bowls? I bet you did! In this blog post, we covered all the steps to make a smoothie bowl, so that you can show off your talent on Social Media ;) 

Step 1 : Preparation

  • First of all, you can use any fruit of your choice as base. It can banana/mango/apple/avocado or any other fruit you like.

  • I personally prefer banana, as I like the taste of it and also it looks good when other natural colors are added to it (we will see how to add color in later steps).

  • After you decide which fruit to use as base, you need to freeze it overnight.

  • I use banana, so I chop bananas into three equal sizes and freeze them in freezer over night.

        * Chop your fruit before freezing so it helps in blending.

Step 2 : Blending

  • When blending, don't add any liquids not even milk. And also try not to add fresh fruits too, fresh fruits have water in them and it makes the frozen bananas melt.

  • If you have a high-speed blender or food processor, this blending becomes easy. If you have normal blender, add 1-2 tbsps of milk or cold water, add little by little depending on your blender power. 

  • If you add liquids, your smoothie bowl will still look good but you may not get that thick consistency you see on social media. 

Step 3 : Coloring naturally

When it comes to adding color to your bowl, there are so many ways and it depends on your creativity level to what extend you can go! I will share some of my ways to color a smoothie bowl, and I hope it helps to inspire you.

  • Red or Pink : Add frozen strawberries/raspberries/pomegranate seeds.

  • Blue or Purple : Add frozen blueberries/blackberries.

  • Green : Add frozen avocado/spinach/kale.

  • Orange: Add frozen carrots/orange.

  • Yellow : Add frozen mango.

If you want your colors to be vibrant and filled with other nutrients, you can try store brought natural superfood colors.

Here are some of my favorites,

Step 4 : Toppings

  • Once blending is done, you can have it as it is or add your favorite toppings!

  • Toppings can be fruits, granola, nuts, seeds and even edible flowers. Now, you don't need fancy toppings all the time, if you cannot find edible flowers or some exotic fruits, it's okay! just use the ones you have.

  • When adding toppings, keep in mind the 'color wheel' ( only if you have time or want to make it perfect ). Try adding contrast colors, like red & green, blue & green or any other. 

  • Tip : green goes with everything and also makes your bowl look delish. 

  • You can add dried edible flowers, but make sure they are organic. I use the one below from Amazon.


  • Below is the gallery of some of my smoothie bowls, may be you can find some inspo for toppings,

Step 5 : Post on Social Media & Enjoy your food!!

Hope you enjoyed this small tutorial, if you did make sure to comment and also tag @theguccha on Instagram, so I can see your beautiful creations! 

See you soon in the next tutorial!


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