Oats Porridge

December 27, 2018

This classic oats porridge recipe can never go old and I crave it every morning, especially this winter months! Oats are such foods that absorb what ever flavor we add, so please feel free to add and experiment with different flavors of your choice to make it unique each morning.


Let's jump to recipe!

Do you know, 75% of USA household have oatmeal in their pantry. 

Oats Porridge

  • Vegan | Refined Sugar - Free

Prep Time : 5 mins

Cook Time : 10 - 15 mins

Total Time : 15 - 20 mins

Yield : 2 servings


1 cup Oats

2 cups Water

1/2 cup Almond Milk ( any plant milk )

1 ripe Banana ( fresh or frozen )

2 tbsp Flax seeds or Chia Seeds ( optional )

  • In a sauce pan, add water, oats and bring to boil. when you see oats thickening, add almond milk, mashed banana, flax seeds and cook for 2 mins on low flame.

  • Keep stirring in between to avoid burn.

  • Turn off the flame, serve warm with fresh fruits/nut butter/seeds!

VARIATION : Add mashed apple and cinnamon for that wintery taste. If no plant milk is available just add 1/2 cup water. Try not to use animal milk as it reduces the absorption of iron content in oats. 

STORAGE : Better served immediately, if not store in a air-tight container in refrigerator for 2 days. Add fruits and other topping before serving.

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