Papaya Bowl


We all eat papaya but have you tried combining it with a porridge?? It may look like a lot of work, but in fact, it is very easy to make plus you don't need to clean dishes! And also you don't need to add any sweetener, as papaya is filled with sweetness. 


Servings : 2

Gluten & Refined Sugar Free


Ingredients :

1 papaya

1/4 cup Rolled oats

1/4 cup White Quinoa 

1 cup Water

1 tsp Maca Powder (optional)

1 tsp Agave Syrup (or any sweetener)

Almond Milk (choice of milk)

Fruits (for toppings)

Method :

  • Boil water in a sauce pan, add Quinoa, close lid and cook for 3-4 mins or till quinoa is half cooked.

  • Add oats and almond milk to the same sauce pan and cook for 4-5 mins or till both quinoa and oats are completely cooked.

  • Add sweetener and maca powder (optional). Mix everything well and let it cool down.

  • In meantime prepare the papaya, cut papaya into half and deseed.

  • Now add your porridge and fruits to papaya bowl. Make sure your porridge is not runny. If it is, cook on low for 2 mins.

  • I added, banana, grapes, berries and shredded coconut.

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