Rice Cake Snack Ideas

'Rice Cakes' or 'Rice Crackers' are mostly made with brown rice. Since brown rice is a whole grain, we can benefit fiber, carbohydrates and phytochemicals from these snacks. These snacks can be considered healthy when taken occasionally.  

Below are the three yummy ways to have Rice Cakes,


With Nut Butter and Banana ( my favorite ),

  • Get store brought unsweetened nut butter or make your own ( recipe here )

  • Spread good layer on top of the rica cake, add sliced banana and chocolate or carob chips if needed.

  • This one is filled with healthy fat that keeps you filled for longer time!

With Berry Chia Jam,

  • Get store bought unsweetened berry jam or make at home.

  • To make,

  • If frozen berries, just defrost them and add chia seeds, mix to get a gel consistency.

  • If fresh berries, heat 1/2 cup of berries in a sauce pan with 1-2 tbsps of water, mash with a fork, add chia seeds and mix to get gel form.

  • Now spread the jam on the rica cake and garnish with coconut flakes if needed.

  • Add any sweetener to the jam if needed.

  • Chia seeds are filled with omega-3 fatty acids, so your snack got it covered!

With Chocolate and Strawberry,

  • There are two ways to make this,

  • For indulgent way,

  • Add 2-3 tbsps of cacao powder to 1-2 tbsps of maple syrup and mix to get a creamy consistency. Don't add more maple syrup at first, add little by little based on the thickness of the jam you need.

  • For a healthier way,

  • Blend 1/2 frozen banana, 2-3 dates and 2 tbsps of plant milk to get a creamy texture. Make sure to use frozen banana and don't add more liquid, so that your jam will not be runny. In this way, you may have to complete your snack faster before everything melts.

  • And it's always okay to indulge once in a while and also be happy that you are not using refined-sugar here!

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