Simple Chia Pudding

December 10, 2018

How many times have we heard ' breakfast is the important meal of the day ' and many of us still skip it for many reasons - no time, too complicated, not tasty enough or sometimes not so cool. If you are one of them, then may be this simple chia pudding can help to change.

This one is not just simple but nutritious too. BINGO!!

Do you know, Chia seeds have more Omega-3 fatty acids than any other plant foods

Chia Pudding

  • Vegan | Sugar-Free | Nut-Free | Gluten-Free

Prep Time : 15-20 mins

Cook Time : None

Total Time : 15-20 mins

Yield : 2 servings


1/2 cup Chia Seeds

1 cup Almond Milk ( any plant milk )

1/4 cup Soy Yogurt ( any plant yogurt )

Coconut Flakes ( optional )

Fresh or Frozen Fruits

Maple Syrup ( or any sweetener, optional )


  • Add chia seeds and milk to a bowl, stir well and keep in refrigerator for 10 mins or overnight. For overnight soaking, add 1/4 cup more milk.

  • The next day or after 10 mins, add sweetener of your choice and mix well.

  • In a glass jar or a bowl, add chia pudding, yogurt, coconut flakes or nuts/seeds and fresh fruits. 

  • If using frozen fruits, defrost before adding to pudding.

  • Your pudding is ready to serve!

VARIATION : Add mashed banana instead of sweetener for natural sweetness. Use nut butters as toppings for that nutty taste.

STORAGE : Can store just the pudding without adding any sweetener or toppings in fridge for 4-5 days. Add toppings and yogurt before serving.

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