Veggie Burger


When I first moved to USA for studies, my friends and family asked me 'what are you going to eat there, no one makes Burgers and Pizzas with lentils and beans'. But now, people are falling in love with Burgers made from veggie patties like bean, lentil, sweet potato and more. So yes, veggie burgers can be tasty too. Now I am not comparing it with any non-veg burger. But I am saying veggie burgers can be good too, you just need to know how to make them in right way.


Servings : 3



1/2 cup Black Beans

1/4 cup Red Kidney Beans

2-3 Garlic Cloves

1/2 onion




Buns (of course)

Bell peppers

1 tsp of cooking oil


  • Soak black beans and red kidney beans in water overnight. Next day, cook them in water (double the quantity of beans) for 20 mins or till they turn soft. 

  • Or, simply get canned beans ( choose salt free ones).

  • Now smash beans using potato smasher and add all remaining ingredients. Mix well.

  • Make them in the size of patty and placed them in Baking tray lined with parchment paper.

  • Bake at 350 F for 20 - 30mins, check for every 15 mins as your oven settings may be diff from mine.

  • When your patties are ready, let them cool for few minutes.

  • In between, chop onion and Bell pepper into long strips and saute them in 1 tsp of oil.

  • In this recipe I used Avocado in place of traditional mayo and ranch. But, you can use vegan mayo and ranch in place of avocado.

  • Arrange your burger in your way now and enjoy!

  • Can add lettuce and spinach to make it even more healthy.

Please leave in comment how you like to arrange your burgers and don't forget to tag @gucchafoods, so I can see them too.

Thank you!