Hi there! I am Sindhu, the food photographer, blogger and recipe developer behind The Guccha. You can find healthy and yummy Vegetarian Recipes here that are worth trying & sharing!

I started this blog on August 2018 to share healthy recipes plus mouth watering food photography. I enjoy cooking delicious food, styling and shooting with all the creative energy I have. The process of bringing food to the plate and to my audience through this blog makes me so happy and satisfied. Everything you see here is made with pure hard-work and lots of love!

Now, The Guccha focuses more on sharing good food and photography tips that might help others of same industry. I love animals and that is what motivated me to start a blog that concentrates on no-meat food. If you are of same kind or interested to become one, you are going to love this area!

Recipes I share here are made with simple ingredients that are available to all. I am from India originally but now in United States with family. So you can find some recipes with Indian essence here!

I believe food plays a major role in anyones life and I strongly believe ‘what you eat is what you are’ and that is what I try to encourage here. And I don’t support any hard diet systems that deprive you from eating, healthy and strong body comes from consistent healthy lifestyle not from short term diets.

Meet ‘Kittu’, my baby I love to shoot with! Apart from food, I do Product Photography and this is one of the shot I took for a cat food brand.

Healthy and Strong body comes from consistent healthy lifestyle, not from short-term diets